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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tamara (SoonerMagicMama)

Name:  Tamara
Bump Screen Name:  SoonerMagicMama
Beginning Weight
Pre-Preg Weight:  117
Current Weight:  131
Target Weight:  120
Beginning Measurements: 
Need to measure
Motivation:  I miss the confidence that a toned body gave me; I hate feeling like a dumpy/frumpy mom; and I need the discipline that comes with a regular exercise program.

Anna (MrsDimka2B)

Name: Anna

Bump Screen Name: MrsDimka2B

Beginning Weight 
pre-pregnancy  135
current 155

Beginning Measurements 
TBD later!

Motivation: a huge closet full of clothes I can't wear! I feel frumpy, and as much as I LOVE being a mom, I want to also feel like a sexy wife. I am a SAHM and I would rather look like one of the "Real Housewives" than I how I look now, which is rather messy and not at all hot.  Getting into shape, losing the weight and fitting back into my old clothes will also, I hope, motivate me to take better care of myself daily. Right now I wear sweats every day, never get my hair and nails done like I used to, and I wear makeup MAYBE once a month. It's depressing, and I don't want to do it anymore!!

My wedding picture--June 2008. That's a size 8 wedding dress! I want to be able to fit into it again.

Karen (adorkablechick)

Name: Karen

Bump Screen Name: adorkablechick

Beginning Weight
current: 123 lbs.

Beginning Measurements
Bust: 36"
Chest: 31"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 35"
Thighs: L 20" R 20.5"
Calves: L 12.5" R 12.5"
Upper Arm: L 10" R 9.5"
Forearm: L 9" R 9"

Motivation: Right now, I have a bit of a pouch. (It's a result of emotional eating / going a bit beer-crazy at 21.) It's not a big deal, but I would like to lose it before I start trying to get pregnant in July. (I would like to ensure that a bump at that point is a result of a baby, not a less-than-healthy lifestyle pre-pregnancy.)

Lauren (kipper_1)

Name: Lauren

Bump Name: kipper_l

Beginning Weight

Pre-preg weight- 180
current weight- 188

Beginning Measurements

Upper arm-13

Motivation- I want to get back to 150, which was the weight I was when I met my husband. I am doing this in combination with Weight Watchers!!

Sara (TheMRS0127)

Name: Sara

Bump SN: TheMRS0127

Beginning Weight
pre-pregnancy: 140 lbs
currently: 159-ish

Beginning Measurements
upper arm:

Motivation: I want to feel good about myself, and eventually run a marathon - getting in shape will help me!

MOTIVATION:                                                        BEFORE:

Jeannie (Newmomma1)

Name: Jeannie
Bump Name:

Beginning Weight
current- 117
pre-preg- 112
goal- 112

Beginning Measurements
To be added later

Motivation:  Feel sexy again.  Be fit not just skinny and fit into my old clothes again without rolls.

Tina (DaveTina09)

Name: Tina

Bump Screen Name: DaveTina09

Beginning Weight
pre pregnancy 180
current 215

Beginning Measurements (please see section above)  Will submit later!

Motivation:  To feel sexy again!  I got married a month before we conceived and felt fabulous about myself, I can’t wait to feel that again!

MOTIVATION:                          BEFORE: 

Lindsey (Lulu0802)

Name Lindsey
Bump Screen Name Lulu0802
Beginning Weight
Pre-Pg - 128
Current - 143
Goal - 130
Beginning Measurements 
To be measured
Motivation  To get back to my pre-pg weight, get rid of the flab and gain some muscle tone.

Corinne (Rinny627)

Name - Corinne
Bump Screen Name - Rinny627
Beginning Weight -
Prepreg - 180 
Current - 200
Goal - 150

Beginning Measurements
BUST: 43 in
CHEST: 38in
WAIST: 39.5in
HIPS: 46in
THIGH: 27.5in
UPPER ARM: 13.5in
LOWER ARM: 11.5in

Motivation - I am so uncomfortable in my clothes and I HATE the way I look.
Monday, January 4, 2010

Holly (luvbrettnizzy)

Name Holly
Bump Screen Name luvbrettnizzy
Beginning Weight
pre pregnancy 198 
current 217
Beginning Measurements 
Bust - 45 1/2"
Chest - 39 1/2"
Waist - 45 1/2"
Hips - 47 1/2"
Thighs - L 30" R 30"
Calves - L 19" R 19 1/2"
Upper Arm - L 15" R 16"
Forearm - L 10 1/2" R 11"

Motivation - I am overweight and out of shape. I have struggled to keep my weight down most of my life. Doing the Shred is in addition to Weight Watchers. I want to look better and feel better. Not only for myself, but I want to be a good example for my children, not to mention having more energy to play with them.

Tara (finners82)

Name: Tara 

Bump Screen Name: finners82

Beginning Weight
Pre-Preg Weight: 173
Current Weight: 175

Beginning Measurments
Bust:  42 in
Chest: 36 in
Waist: 38 in
Hips:  41 in
Thighs: 25 in
Calves: 14.5 in
Upper arm: 13 in
Forerm: 10in

Motivation: To get closer to my Pre- Pre-pregnacy weight of 120

Kim (pickingwildflowers)

Name- Kim

Bump Screen Name- pickingwildflowers

Beginning Weight
pre pregnancy:130

Beginning Measurements
bust - 38in
hips-39 in
thighs- 23 in
calves- 13 in
upper arm - 12in
forearm - 12 in

Sarah (lemonJAM)

Name: Sarah
Bump Name: lemonJAM

Beginning Weight
Pre-preg weight: 158
Current weight: 155

Beginning Measurements:
Bust: 39
Chest: 33
Thigh: 26
Calf: 14
Upper Arm:
Forearm: 10

Motivation:  I want to feel better and look better. Plus, I want to be a healthy role model for my LO.

Priscilla (Prismarie)

Name- Priscilla
bump name- Prismarie

Beginning Weight
pre-preg weight-128

Beginning Measurements
need to be measured

Motivation- My motivation is being able to fit into my old clothes!! I dont want to be so obsessed with my body image and weight!!

Sarah (nd01)

Name: Sarah

Bump Screen Name: nd01

Beginning Weight
Pre-Preg Weight: 161
Current Weight:
Preferred Weight: in the 140s

Beginning Measurements
Bust:  (not tracking this as it fluctuates with nursing but in the 40s)
Chest: 33 in
Waist: 35.5 in
Hips: 43 in
Thighs: 26.5 in
Calves: 16
Upper arm: 12.5
Forearm: 10 in

Motivation: To feel better about how I look.  And we'd like to have more kids some time and I cannot keep the weight on after each one or I'll explode - I told my husband we could only try for a second once I lost the weight from this one (and hopefully then some).  Basically ditto everything ams32780 said.

Katie (jk08)

Name:  Katie

Bump Screen Name:

Beginning Weight
Pre-Pregnancy: 144  
Current: 155
Goal: want to get to wedding day weight of 130

Beginning Measurements  
Will submit later this week.

Being healthy and getting back into shape!

Amy (amjayasuriya)

Name: Amy

Screen Name: amjayasuriya
Beginning Weight
Current: 177 (Booo!)

Beginning Measurements
Not sure of my measurements...scared to find out!
Motivation: We are going back to London where we lived for 6 years pre-baby to visit family and friends in the Summer and I want to look fabulous and be able to wear tank tops and shorts and still feel attractive. Also I dont want to jiggle and my tummy is disgusting.

Meg (purple_posies)

Name:  Meg

Bump Screen Name: purple_posies

Beginning Weight 
Pre-Pregnancy: 328
Current Weight: 313.4

Beginning Measurements 
neck: 14"
l. arm: 18"
r. arm: 19"
bust: 48"
waist: 49.5"
hips: 59"
l. thigh: 34"
r. thigh: 34"
l. calf: 18.5"
r. calf: 19."

Motivation:  To lose weight, become more toned, feel better about myself, and become healthier!!  I would also like to cure my PCOS and hopefully balance out my body's hormones and insulin production.

Kristin (kris78)

Name: Kristin
Bump Name:

Beginning Weight
PrePregnancy 160
Current 195

Beginning Measurements
Bust: 44
Chest: 37
Waist: 37
Hips: 45
Thighs: Both 27.5
Calves: L 15,5    R 15
Upper Arm: Both 13
Forearm: Both 10.5

Motivation: To look good in pictures with DS (no double chin!), to feel sexy again, and to fit into my clothes before going back to work in March.  I just want to look good and not use the "I just had a baby" excuse!

MOTIVATION:                                                                             BEFORE:


Kiira (mrs.pelletier)

Name: Kiira
Bump Name: mrs.pelletier

Beginning Weight
goal weight - 115 (I'm only 5'2")
current weight- approx. 125

Beginning Measurements
bust- 34"
chest- 29"
Motivation- Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and to feel more comfortable with my body.

Erin (erbear)

Name - Erin
Bump Screen Name - erbear
Beginning Weight (pre-pregnancy &/or current) - 176 :( (5'4")
Beginning Measurements (please see Roll Call page) :
bust - 44"
chest - 36"
waist - 36"
hips - 47"
calves - 16"
upper arm - 16"
forearms - 7"
Motivation - I was a varsity athlete in college...10 years and one baby later, I'm a fat cow and I can no longer fit into my bigger size pants...and I refuse to go any larger as I would not be able to buy in regular stores (I'm in a 14 now; I was a 10-12 pre-preg)

Amy (Mighty_Nugget)

Name: Amy
Bump Name: Mighty_Nugget 
Beginning Weight:

Beginning Measurements:
Bust:  46 in
Waist: 46 in
Hips:  45 in
Thighs: 26 in
Calves: 17 in
Upper arm: 14 in

Motivation: I didn't appreciate my pre-pregnancy body. Before we got married I was a pretty nice 130 in college, got married and gained up to 170 within the 1st year and a 1/2. I lost some of it then got pregnant and gained up to 230. I want to feel like I look good again and be able to keep up with my LO. I also have a closet full of clothes I can't even begin to wear and it makes me sick to look at them.

Melissa (MissRedEorNot)

Name: Melissa
Bump Screen Name: MissRedEorNot 

Beginning Weight
Post-Pregnancy-180 ick...

Beginning Measurements
Will forward along later! 

Motivation: My motivation is to get rid of this terrible stomach I have.  I have a closet full of cute clothes that don't fit and I had to buy larger sizes.  I would also like to be able to run up the 4 flights of stairs at work without feeling like I am about to keel over when I get to the top. 

Lindi (monkey_mama09)

Name: Lindi

Bump Screen Name: monkey_mama09

Beginning Weight

pre-pregnancy: 154 
current: 172

Beginning Measurements: 
need to do

Motivation: Mainly, I just want to feel good about the way I look.  It's hard to do that when I've only lost 12 pounds and I'm still wearing my maternity clothes - my normal clothes are still just too tight to look remotely ok.  I want to fit into the jeans that I love without have a stupid muffin top, and not be embarrassed about my stomach if my shirt rides up and shows a little skin.  I used to feel pretty damn hot, and I can't wait to feel that way again!  

Before Picture: There was a point in my life where I practically lived in my swim suit, and I looked good in it.  This... not good at all!  :/


Lystra (Angela_Ashes)

Name: Lystra

Bump Screen Name: Angela_Ashes

Beginning Weight: 
Pre-preg- 170
Current- 275lbs

Beginning Measurements:
Bust:  46 in
Chest: 42 in
Waist: 45 in
Hips:  51.5 in
Thighs: 32.5 in
Calves: 21 in
Upper arm: 19 in

Motivation: I lost the person I use to be that carefree and confident spirit I used to be and I need her not only for health reasons but for spirit also. If I intend to have kids I need to to loose my weight and I consider kids an extension of my existence and without one in my life then what is my purpose?


Natalie (natalie.no)

Name: Natalie

Bump Screen Name: natalie.no (i never post, i'm a super lurker)

Beginning Weight
pre-pregnancy: 164 lbs
current: 160 lbs  (i lost all my pregnancy weight the first week and a half after giving birth in august)
real goal weight: 125 lbs

Beginning Measurements
will post this as soon as i find my tape

Motivation: I want to get back down to my size pre-drinking/pre-partying days and to condition my body once we start TTC again later this year

Fiona (fionacaitlin)

Name: Fiona

Bump Screen Name: fionacaitlin

Beginning Weight:
pre-pregnancy- 172
current- 194

Beginning Measurements:
Bust: 41
Chest: 36
Waist: 37.5
Hips: 44
Thighs: Right: 25.5  Left: 26
Calves: right: 17.5 left: 18
Upper Arm: Right:13.5   Left: 14
Forearm: Both 11

Motivation: I was in the best shape I've ever been in right before I got pregnant & now I can't even run a mile! I want to be in shape as well as look good in my clothes, feel good about myself & get rid of all this flab!

Amber (2-Step)

Name: Amber
Bump Screen Name: 2-Step
Beginning Weight
Pre-pregnancy = 160 lbs
Current = 162 lbs

Beginning Measurements
Don't have a tape measure yet, but will get back to you!

Motivation: To be healthy and feel good about the way my body looks. I have needed to lose about 15lbs since before I got pregnant, but I think I was in denial because I was fairly toned and could still wear cute clothes. The baby weight came off fairly easily, but I feel very uncomfortable in my skin. I want to be able to fit into my skinny jeans (without a muffin top) and go shopping with my girlfriends without feeling down on myself afterward. My main motivation is to get back into my bikini this summer and be comfortable in cute summer shorts!

Bridge (BridgeyBride)

Name - Bridge
Bump Screen Name - BridgeyBride
pre-pregnancy: 140
current: 175

Beginning Measurements
will do asap

Motivation - just getting healthy again... fitting back into my size 6 jeans! got married in January, was at my best a year ago.. want to get back to that!!!  Can't believe how big I am right now! Just want to hibernate this winter, but need to get moving and lose this weight

Tracy (metta1313)

Bump Screen Name-metta1313
Beginning Weight
pre-pregnancy:  177
current: I was 194 at 6w PP visit (already lost 17lbs), 177 before pregnancy.

Beginning Measurements-
Still need to take...moreso, though I'm trying not to be too much into numbers.  I've dieted so much and when I obsess over numbers, I tend to be unrealistic (being too strict) and then I gain it all back, plus some. 
Motivation-I just want to be healthy so that I can teach my little girl to be healthy.  I never had that growing up, which is why I think I have struggled with weight issues my entire life.  I never had anyone pushing me to be active or to eat healthy.  I want to break that cycle with my little Abigail.  I also want to be able to fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes, and possibly my size 8's, when I was my smallest about 5 years ago.  I haven't given up those clothes b/c I am determined to get back into them.  Overall, I don't want to be super skinny.  I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my skin.
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Joy (njeosys)

Name: Joy

Bump Screen Name: njeosys

Beginning Weight:  
Pre-preg- 130 lbs
Current- 185 lbs

Beginning Measurements:
Bust:  44 in
Chest: 39 in
Waist: 39 in
Hips:  41.5 in
Thighs: 25 in
Calves: 17 in
Upper arm: 12 in

Motivation: To cure PCOS and to become one HOT momma! To become more desirable to my husband, to have a flat stomach and smaller boobs. To fit into a GREAT pair of jeans and buy off-the-rack.

Stacey (Jimsgirl15821)

Name: Stacey G.
Bump Screen Name: Jimsgirl5821
Beginning Weight:
Pre-preg Weight: 118
Current Weight: 125.5

Beginning Measurements:
Using my bridesmaid dress measurements-
hips: 38
waist: 27
bust: 35

Motivation: Wearing my bikini this summer and fitting into my fav size 2 jeans

Sarah (sarahryandrewlo)

Name: Sarah
Bump Screen Name:  sarahryandrewlo
Beginning Weight: 
at my most recent best- 135
currently- 175

Motivation: myself!  I want to feel hot!  I do do do for everyone else, and I want to look in the mirror and love what I see (and I want my husband to look at me and think, 'wow, she's hot! hehe) vain, I know.

Katie (KatieBFP)

Name: Katie

Bump Screen Name: KatieBFP

Beginning Weight:

Pre-pregnancy weight- 126
Current weight- 131

Measurements: Need to get measured....

Motivation: I have been a weight watchers lifetime member since 2008. I need a bit of a boost right now because I can not seem to get rid of the few extra pounds I have from my pregnancy. I use to be an avid runner before the pregnancy and I just can not seem to get any time in for running or have motivation right now, I am hoping this 30 day shred helps get me back into a more healthy routine again!!!

Allison (ams32780)

Name: Allison

Bump Screen Name: ams32780

Beginning Weight:
Pre-pregnancy- 174 =(
Current weight- 195 =(

Beginning Measurements:
Bust: 45
Chest: 39
Waist: 40
Hips: 45
Thighs: Right: 22  Left: 21
Calves: Both 15 1/2
Upper Arm: Right: 13  Left: 13
Forearm: Both 10

Motivation:  To get back into shape!  I want to look good and feel good about myself again. I want to be able to look back at photos from when DD is small and see myself beautiful and happy NOT sporting a double chin!! I also want to get 30lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight so I can be healthy before TTC#2.


Bree (Married2mybf

Name: Bree
Bump Screen Name: Married2mybff

Beginning Weight: 
pre-pregnancy- 146 
current- 165 (i think!)

Beginning Measurements:
Bust: 38 in 
Chest: 34.5 in 
Waist: 33.5 in 
Hips: 39 in
Thighs: 23 in
Calves: 14 in
Upper arm: 11 in 
Forearm: 9 in
Motivation: I want to be able to keep up with my son as he grows. I don't want him to be the kid with the fat mom. I want my husband to think I'm sexy (even though he says he loves me just the way I am.) I look in the mirror and for one of the first times in my life I absolutely hate what I see.

I want to look like this again:

Before Picture (optional) - Don't have one right now, but in the next few days I will put on the stretchy pants that barely fit and a tank top and take a pic. I want the best representation of what I truly look like right now so by February hopefully I will look way different!! :)

Jen (jenlily1)

Name: Jen

Bump Screen Name: jenlily1

Beginning Weight:
pre-pregnancy #1:135

Beginning Measurements:
bust: 44 1/2
chest: 35
waist: 37
hips: 39
thighs: 19 1/2
calves: 13
upper arm: 12 both
forearm: 10

Motivation: I've had 3 babies in 5 years. It's time for me to whip my self into shape. I dislike the way my clothes fit me. I dislike how I look naked. My husband works out constantly he looks great! When we go out I want ppl to tell me that I don't look like I have 3 kids. Vanity is my motivation; and of course to be that mom at school that everyone is jealous of, so sue me....

Devon (PizzaBride)

Name: Devon

Bump Screen Name: PizzaBride

Beginning Weight 
pre-pregnancy: not sure of pre-pregnancy weight
current: 191lbs

Beginning Measurements
(Will be added later)
Motivation: My son. I've never been a very healthy eater, and never been a regular exerciser. I know that the lifestyle I lead is an unhealthy one, and that's not what I want to teach him. I don't want him to go through the same struggles with his weight that I have.

Veronica (AppleMomma)

Name: Veronica

Bump SN: AppleMomma

pre-pregnancy: 130 lbs
currently: 173 lbs

bust: 39.5 inches
chest: 36.5 inches
hips: 45.5 inches
thighs: 27 inches each
calves: 13.5 inches each
upper arm: 13 inches each
forearm: 9.25 inches each

Motivation: My child: I want to be healthy enough and in shape enough to keep up with him when he starts running around, my husband: I want to be the best looking, strongest, and sexiest can be for him, myself: my confidence will go through the roof, my appearance will change not only physically but mentally. I'm ready to be a hot SAHM!


How To Take Measurements

Sincle muscle weighs more than fat, you might get discouraged when you don't see your weight change. Taking your measurements can help reassure you that things are happening--even if you're not losing fat exactly where you want just yet. Here's a great description of where/how to measure!

  • Bust: Measure around the chest right at the nipple line, but don't pull the tape too tight.
  • Chest: Measure just under your bust
  • Waist: Measure a half-inch above your belly button or at the smallest part of your waist
  • Hips: Place tape measure around the biggest part of your hips
  • Thighs: Measure around the biggest part of each thigh
  • Calves: Measure around the largest part of each calf
  • Upper arm: Measure around the largest part of each arm above the elbow
  • Forearm: Measure around the largest part of the arm below the elbow.

This was found HERE

Now Recruiting

If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to bumpshred@gmail.com with the following information:

Bump Screen Name
Beginning Weight (pre-pregnancy & current)
Beginning Measurements (please see section above)
Before Picture (optional)

I will update this page with everyone's info as soon as I receive it!